PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer
PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer
PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer
PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer
PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer
PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer
PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer

Gamma Plus

PRE-ORDER - Gamma + Boosted Trimmer

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This item is available for PRE-ORDER only, we will ship out once in stock. Expected arrival late May 2024. 

Introducing the Gamma+ Boosted Trimmer: Unleash Precision & Power in a Customizable Trimmer

The Gamma+ Boosted trimmer redefines professional trimming with its modular design, super torque motor, and advanced blade technology. This powerhouse trimmer empowers barbers and stylists to achieve flawless results with unmatched precision and ultimate control.

Unleash Unmatched Power & Performance:

  • High-Power 8000 RPM Rotary Motor: Experience effortless cutting through any hair type with the heart of the X-Blade Pro – a supercharged 8000 RPM rotary motor. Say goodbye to pulling and snagging, and hello to smooth, clean cuts in a single pass.
  • 40mm X-PRO Black Diamond Carbon DLC T-Blade: Engineered for exceptional sharpness and long-lasting durability, the 40mm X-PRO Black Diamond Carbon DLC T-Blade delivers a perfectly smooth cutting experience. The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating minimizes friction and heat buildup, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

Precision Engineered for Customization & Control:

  • Adjustable Zero-Gap Blade (0.8mm - 0.0mm): Fine-tune the cutting gap to achieve your desired level of detail, from crisp lines and sharp fades to intricate designs. The X-Blade Pro provides ultimate customization for any cutting style.
  • Zero Gap Alignment Tools (Included): Achieve perfect zero-gap settings with the included alignment tools. One tool ensures precise blade alignment for a close cut (0.8mm to 0mm), while the other tool maintains a universal 0.3mm gap for versatile trimming.
  • Modular Design & Customization Accessories (Optional): Personalize your X-Blade Pro to suit your workflow and preferences with a variety of optional modular components (mention available customization accessories if possible).

Built for Professional Efficiency & Convenience:

  • Anti-Sliding Docking Station with LED Light: The innovative anti-sliding docking station with an LED light provides a secure charging location and visual indication of battery level.
  • Rapid Charging & Long Runtime: The X-Blade Pro boasts a quick 120-minute charging time and a generous 120-minute runtime, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. A tri-level LED display keeps you informed of remaining battery life.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Kit: Maintain peak performance with the included cleaning and maintenance kit, featuring a mini screwdriver for easy blade regulation.

The Gamma+ Boosted Trimmer isn't just a trimmer, it's an investment in precision cutting and exceptional control. Elevate your craft, create flawless fades and intricate designs with unmatched ease, and redefine your trimming game. Order your X-Blade Pro today!